Wines Available at Scenic Valley Winery

A word about our wines…Our  country wines are specialized blends made from select local fruits and vegetables.  They have a fresh, clean, fruity taste when young and thus are best enjoyed early, typically within a year of  bottling. Unique wooden gift packaging makes our wines an attractive and unusual gift for almost any occasion.

Rhubarb:  Light crisp and refreshing white wine with a rhubarb flavor.

Ruby Red:  Rich, full bodied dinner wine.

Harvest Blend:  Semi-sweet blush wine.  Best served with cheese, ham and sausage.

Cranberry: Made from 100% cranberries.  A natural served with turkey and ham.

Raspberry:  Full bodied desert wine. Great with chocolate & cheesecake.

Apple: Light crisp apple wine. Great served warmed with a stick of cinnamon.

Purple Passion:  Sweet red grape wine from concord grapes.  A great anytime wine.

Cherry Chill:  Blend of white grapes and a fresh cherry juice.  Great after dinner wine.

Elderberry:  Rich full bodied wine.  Great served with pasta and beef

Other wines available seasonally.

You can order it online by our order page.

Invitation to Secnic Valley Winery

We invite you to sample our private label country wines when you visit historic downtown Lanesboro.

Housed in what was once the town’s creamery, Scenic Valley Winery is a family business established in 1984.  Our wines are made from local fruits, berries and vegetables, which in season will fill the air with intriguing aromas of fermentation.

Come on in and share a few local stories, browse our collection of wine related gifts, and enjoy a free sample or two of our specialty wines.

Call Toll Free:  1-888-965-0250
Open daily April through October
Mon-Sat: 10-5; Sundays 1-5
Off-season hours call: (507) 467-2958

History of Scenic Valley Winery

The above picture is of the Lanesboro Creamery – the building that now houses Scenic Valley Winery. The earliest creamery in Lanesboro was located in the flat, near the north bridge exiting town, little is known of it. In 1922 a C. C. Mattson operated a creamery in the SW quadrant of the Parkway-Elmhurst intersection; making butter and ice cream.

In 1924 a group led by Jack Scanlan, Charles Horihan and Elmer Bakke organized a co-operative, and a building was constructed where the winery is now. The first annual meeting of the Lanesboro Co-operative Creamery was held January 29,1925 at the Lanesboro Theatre.

Local banks gave away a valuable “full blooded dairy bull”, the winner having to be present and own one or more cows. The meeting was well attended, and featured F. L. Farley, a prominent Spring Grove dairyman as speaker. At the 1927 annual meeting patrons reported receiving an improved price for butterfat, and the enterprise was judged a success. In 1927 356,722 lbs. of butter were sold at an average price of 43 1/2 cents/lb.

The average butterfat content of incoming cream was 27%. The position of butter maker was a professional job. The Lanesboro Co-operative Creamery was successful for many years and was an essential and very significant part of the community.

However, in the 1960’s and 1970’s a combination of changes including mandatory bulk milk coolers, altered diet preferences and economies of scale favoring larger and more concentrated dairy units resulted in declining business. In 1970 the Co-operative was sold to Land O’ Lakes. Ed Gatzlaff helped “phase out” until the creamery ceased to exist as such in 1973.

Roses Romance Relaxation At Scenic Valley Winery

Surprise your loved one with a romantic evening in Lanesboro Minnesota. Let us add the finishing touches to your romantic getaway.  This package includes two glasses with your choice of any fine wine made locally at the Scenic Valley Winery, a bouquet of roses provided by Grandma’s Garden and a romantic tour of Lanesboro in a horse drawn carriage from G.G. Carriages.

A bottle of locally crafted wine and two signature glasses from
Scenic Valley Winery.

A floral bouquet of elegant roses from Grandma’s Garden.

A one hour private carriage ride through Lanesboro’s fine gallery of Bed & Breakfast’s starting from your lodging establishment provided by 
G.G. Carriages.

Lanesboro At Scenic Valley Winery

Nestled in a deep valley of the Root River, you’ll find Historic Lanesboro … Minnesota’s hidden town.

Twice named one of the 100 Best Small Arts Towns in America, it boasts a winery, art center, and top-quality playhouse.

It was also voted one of the 50 Best Outdoor Sports Towns in the Nation. Discover for yourself why so many people return again and again to this charming town.