Wines Available at Scenic Valley Winery

A word about our wines…Our  country wines are specialized blends made from select local fruits and vegetables.  They have a fresh, clean, fruity taste when young and thus are best enjoyed early, typically within a year of  bottling. Unique wooden gift packaging makes our wines an attractive and unusual gift for almost any occasion.

Rhubarb:  Light crisp and refreshing white wine with a rhubarb flavor.

Ruby Red:  Rich, full bodied dinner wine.

Harvest Blend:  Semi-sweet blush wine.  Best served with cheese, ham and sausage.

Cranberry: Made from 100% cranberries.  A natural served with turkey and ham.

Raspberry:  Full bodied desert wine. Great with chocolate & cheesecake.

Apple: Light crisp apple wine. Great served warmed with a stick of cinnamon.

Purple Passion:  Sweet red grape wine from concord grapes.  A great anytime wine.

Cherry Chill:  Blend of white grapes and a fresh cherry juice.  Great after dinner wine.

Elderberry:  Rich full bodied wine.  Great served with pasta and beef

Other wines available seasonally.

You can order it online by our order page.

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